Trailer Towing; Jolts and Jars

Trailering Heavy LoadsThere are many reasons for unstable trailer towing. Those jolts and jars (sometimes called porpoise or bucking) while towing your gooseneck, 5th wheel or bumper pull trailer, make towing an unpleasant experience.

Insure your trailer is level when towing to help stop those jolts and jars. This can be achieved by your hitch adjustment, trailer tongue adjustment. If a bumper pull trailer use a different ball mount height or add a weight distribution hitch with sway control for leveling and ride. Other options would be to turn the trailer axles over to help level towing.

Load distribution can cause those jolts and jars when towing, the majority of gooseneck, 5th wheel or bumper pull trailers should have 10% to 15% tongue weight of your trailer’s total weight including any load. More or less tongue weight than 10% to 15% can cause the jots and jars while towing. Changing the load location on the trailer, changing storage locations, adding or deleting water, etc can stop the jolts and jars. Cushion Couplers are a good addition to your towing ride. They are available in mechanical and air-ride cushion couplers. The mechanical ones normally have little maintenance with the air-ride having a lot of maintenance compared to mechanical. A polymer mechanical cushioned coupler tested with sensors on the truck cab, truck bed, and on the trailer have shown up to a 59% better ride. Taking those jolts and jars out of towing, make towing easier on you, your ride, your cargo, and your equipment. Other options would be to change the axle location to the rear or front depending if you need more or less trailer tongue weight.

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